Opencart is an easy to-use, powerful, Open Source online store management program that can manage multiple online stores from a single back-end. 

This integration allows you to:

  1. Collect newsletter subscribers in Opencart with an opt-in form.
  2. Export newsletter subscribers and additional parameters to Smaily.
  3. Import products right into Smaily drag and drop templates with the Smaily RSS plugin.
  4. Enable Abandoned Cart functionality with Smaily automation workflow.

Installing the module

Configuring the module

Product RSS feed

Contact synchronization

Abandoned cart

Opt-in form

1. Installing the module

Find and download Smaily for Opencart module from Opencart marketplace. Be sure the module you download is compatible with you Opencart version.

In your Opencart store go to "Extensions" ➝ "Installer" (1), then click on "Upload" button (2) and choose the file you downloaded. The default name of the file is

After the progress bar has finished loading and your module has been uploaded go to "Extensions" ➝ "Modifications" (3) and click on the refresh button (4). Now your module is ready to be configured!

2. Configuring the module

To configure the module go to "Extensions" ➝ "Extensions" (1) and from the dropdown menu choose "Modules" (2). 

Find the module that you just uploaded ("Smaily for Opencart") and click on the install button (1) and then on the edit button (2). 

Enable Smaily module, insert Smaily subdomain (marked in pink), API username, API password and click on the button "Validate". You can create API user in Smaily under "Preferences" ➝ "Integrations" (read more here: Create API user).

Product RSS-feed

Product RSS-feed allows you to effortlessly import up to 50 latest products to Smaily template. You can customize generated RSS-feed based on product categories and limit generated RSS-feed products amount with prefered value. 

The RSS-feed can be found under general settings. To use the feed, copy the URL into Smaily template editors RSS block. Read more about Smaily RSS-feed block

Contact synchronization

Contact synchronization allows you to add subscribed customers directly from your store to Smaily and send unsubscribed customers info back to your store. 

You can enable customer synchronization under "Subscriber Synchronization" tab. Select all the fields you want to synchronize and add a token. Set up cron job in your server (read more about cron here) and use "Cron url" to run cron. Recommended schedule for customer synchronization is once a day. Token is required to deny unauthorized users from executing CRON.

Abandoned cart

Abandoned cart reminder emails allows you to automatically notify your customers about their abandoned cart.

You can enable abandoned cart synchronization under "Abandoned Cart" tab. Select autoresponder (read how to set up autoresponder here), also select all the additional fields you want to send to Smaily template and add an abandoned cart token. Set up cron job in your server (read more about cron jobs here) and use "Abandoned Cart url" to run cron. 
Recommended schedule for abandoned cart synchronization is every hour. Token is required to deny unauthorized users from executing CRON.

Adding an opt-in form

With Smaily opt-in form you can collect newsletter subscribers and add them automatically to Smaily. To add an opt-in form, go to "Design" ➝ "Layouts" (1) and click on Home editing button (2). 

Now you can see different sections where to put your Smaily module. If you found a suitable place, click on the dropdown menu and choose "Smaily for Opencart". Don't forget to click on the save button.