101 - OK

Depending on the query, might mean that the subscriber data was successfully changed or the campaign was successfully launched.

201 - Data must be posted with POST method.
Update was not made using POST method.

202 - Forbidden
User does not have access to API.

203 - Invalid data submitted
Data does not contain a recognizable email address.

204 - Invalid email address provided - ...
Posted email address does not validate.

205 - Could not add or update provided contact
Adding / updating subscriber data failed for a unknown reason. Probably something in Smaily.

206 - Could not find requested email address

207 - Following fields are required - ...
One (or several) required fields were empty.

208 - Could not find list with ID - …

209 - Could not load content from remote URL - ...
Loading HTML or plain-text content failed.

210 - Invalid due date provided
Due date field is empty or not in the requred form. It might also mean that one or several of an A/B split test campaign splits is set to go out later than the winning campaign.

211 - Invalid From address provided
The Sender From address is not present in Smaily > Account profile > email addresses.

212 - Launch failed with error - …
Other error when launching a campaign.

213 - Invalid win date provided
Due date field is empty or not in the requred form.

214 - Invalid winning condition provided
Winning condition is none of the possible options as specified in the documentation.

215 - Invalid campaign ID provided
Campaing ID is not in the right form or is empty.

216 - Could not find campaign matching provided ID

217 - Unknown column in filter data - …
No subscriber has the field specified in a filter segmentation rule.

218 - Unknown operator “…” for field “...”

219 - Could not find list with ID - …

220 - Could not find statistics entry by email - ...
Can also mean that the query has not been saved into statistics database yet.

221 - Invalid autoresponder ID provided
Autoresponder with specified ID not found; bad ID format or empty ID.

222 - Invalid email address dataset provided
Structure of the data is incorrect.

223 - Missing start or end date
Contacts history request start or end date parameter is empty or missing.

224 - End date cannot be before start
Contacts history request start date is more than end date value.