Creating a form in landing pages is quite easy, but you can also create more complicated forms.

First drag a form content element from the right-side menu and add it to preferred layout element. If you click (1) on the form element a new menu opens, where you can start adding and changing the layout of the form element. 

Creating a new field (Fields)

First field is already added to the form - the email field. To add a new field, click on the "Add New Field" button (2) right-side menu. From the drop-down menu you can either choose a premade field or create an entirely new one.

After choosing "Add New Field" a new menu opens where you can create custom fields and choose preferred field type. 

Field types:
● Text field (One line) - simple text field is the typical field to collect names or other text info.
Text box (Multiple lines) - field for collecting longer input text.
Email field - text field, but makes sure that the filled information is email.

Date field - regular text field.

Dropdown - let's you choose one option from a dropdown menu.

Checkbox - create a multiple option field.

Hidden field - you can give extra parameter and value to all contacts from this form. Also hidden parameter can be used to link certain form to "form submitted" automation.

Field name is the name of the parameter for this field.
Field label is the field name shown on the form. You can choose to either show it or not by ticking the box next to it.
Placeholder text is optional. This is the text shown inside the field box.

Required field - when checking that box, the person filling the form needs to insert info in that field or otherwise it will give an error message, when submitting the form.

Also you can later change the order of the fields in the form by clicking and dragging the field arrows in the menu.

Under "Show more options" you can change the overall look of the form. You can change the border type and color, inside padding of the fields, field background and text color and field font.

Other form menu elements:

Layout - Change the form width, alignment and space between the fields.

Labels - Change the label font size, color, alignment and padding between fields and labels.

Button - Change the button text and color, alignment, button width and button text font size. You can also customize button border and roundness. Padding adds space inside the button between the button border and text, and margin adds more space around the button.

General - change the overall padding of the form.