Send automatic emails for new subscribers or trigger an automatic workflow, when a person submits their information in a landing page.

To connect a subscription form to an automation that will send out a welcome email, you need three components - welcome newsletter template, form submitted automation and a subscription form landing page.

Setting up the automation

Create a new automation workflow and choose "form submitted" as a trigger. Next action can be "send message". In the send message action you add the welcome template and other necessary info. If the automation is ready, click on save and activate the automation.
More information about automation workflows here.

Visually, it should look like this:

You also need your automation ID, which can be found in the automation url:  - the number is the ID

Linking the automation to the form

Open the landing page, where you have the form. Open the form element menu and add a new field. Select the field type as "Hidden field" and fill the field info:
Field name: automation_id 

Field label - is shown in the field menu and seen only to you. You can add your own value there.
Field value: {{automation_ID_number}}


Add the field and save the landing page. Now when a contact subscribes from this landing page, they will receive a welcome letter.